Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

I had always enjoy busy and fruitful day. It was such a day, I felt fully energize after that.

It was meeting with my partner, meeting with a internet business friend and meeting with a business associate.
I may be assisting a training center in conducting classes for them. (need to do a series of tests)

The highlight was the meeting with the internet business friend. I knew him about 3 years ago. Since then, he has been dabbling on internet business in a part time basis.

This year, he has gone fulltime into it. That’s mean to say, his internet business is giving him a fulltime income.

What Did I Learnt From Him?

Affiliate Marketing
I got a few tips from him. Share one of the tips here.

To drive traffic and bring up your ranking, you may want to try article submission. No…don’t submit just one article, but submit ten articles at once. All articles must be submitted to the same categories.

What you want to achieve is to have all your articles fill the page. Visitors who visit that category can’t miss your articles. Your name will appear ten times on that page.

At the same time, it will create backlinks to your site. (Remember to put down your site’s url in the resource box)

Do this every fortnightly for three months. See your result.

We also discussed on the behaviour of most people. The above method mentioned requires hardwork. In total you will need 60 articles. Most people will give up after 10 articles.

And please, do not copy articles from others.

I had did a test 2 months ago. It is proven that most people just want to sit at the couch and collect cash. Well, who doesn’t want to.

But still got to do something in the first place. Most people are not willing to do that to generate income.

That’s why people fall for those internet scams. Promise you it’s easy money, then you lose all your money.

Ok, I got to go write some articles.