Google Adsense, Is It Worth The Time?

Google adsense, is it worth the time?

Can google adsense really make you money?

One click pays you $0.05 to $2.00. Average is about $0.30 per click. Is this earning worth your time?

I just received my first cheque from Google. I’m delighted. It’s a good Christmas gift fro Google.

With this, I would say yes, it’s worth the time.How do you make adsense work for you? Bring in the traffic. Simple yet so profound…
The more traffic you have, the higher your click thru rate. Building traffic is a trcky subject. All kind of internet business needs traffic. But here we are focusing on adsense.
Adsense works best with content website. That is to say, you provide visitors with free information on a particular topic with adsense integrated into your pages.For your adsense to work best, effort in building the website is the key. Writing good content, updating new content will bring in repeated visitors to your site.I know of a website that contains 900+ pages. I can imagine the adsense earning of the webmaster.Google adsense, is it worth the time?

I also know of some crap websites, with two pages of rubbish, placing adsense. I do not know if these websites earn money but I am clear that it is not my cup of tea to do that.

I believe in giving information. Building trust with my visitors. That’s what I practice in my website, Millionaire Idea.

The placement of adsense does makes a difference. Those adsense that I place in the middle of the content, doesn’t works well for me. Those by the side, generated the most income for me.

You got to have lots of pages, to do the placement testing. I placed my adsense at different places for testing.

In that particular place, is it good to have banner, rectangle, skyscraper sizes? I used skyscraper for most of my pages. You have to test them for you site.

You have a lot of tweaking to find the perfect combination.