The Money Is In The List

The Money Is In The List

For those who are into internet marketing, you would have heard this, “the money is in the list”. Before you fall into another internet get rich quick program promising 6-figure income in a year, you must know this.

It is possible to generate a million dollar from internet. However, do you know you need to put in some work? Even if you are going the affiliate program path, selling other people product, you need to invest time building your list.

This is what a friend of mine who’s a full time internet marketer told me.

“Invest time in building you list. Then gives lots of value to your subcribers. There was once I got hold of a product paying $250 commission. I send to my list, 20 of them responded. In one email, I earn $5000.”

Add value to your list. Give your subscribers real value. I been receiving newsletter from some internet marketer who just sell and sell. There are no real value from them. What did I do? I just click the unsubscribe button.

Of course, you can’t give value all the time without getting some money. You can sell, but don’t over do it.

Before you sell any product, you must be sure that the product is good, or you have tested it. Because if it’s not a quality product, you will lose credibility. Your list will not buy from you again.

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How Do You Attract Subcribers?

The Money Is In The ListI used free ebook, free report to attract them. I created a landing page for my newsletter to tell them why they should sign up. You can see it at millionaire idea

I participate in forum to promote my newsletter. And I give my subscribers good value. Every 2 weeks, I send out tips on wealth building, inspiration to them.

The money is in the list. Take care of them